Pastoral Ministry Weekly 2016-2017 Liturgical Year A

Being a pastor presents unique issues when it comes to looking for a planner. 

The first is Sunday. Very very few planners have Sunday as a full day, it's usually just a half or small square in the corner of the page. But that's the *big day*, right? With worship and classes and meetings...Sundays are always very full. That and our schedules can start very early in the morning and go very late into the evening, depending on the day. Most planners that I've found have days that start around 8am and end at 6pm...I've found myself cramming notes and schedules down at the bottom of the planner page. 

Also, I need a place where I can put my ToDo list and my mileage and expense tracking on the same place where I'm recording those visits and meetings and work where they become applicable. 

The second is that we are often required to track the different types of work, where and how we are spending our time. Even when our personnel committees or boards aren't requiring this, it's a good idea to be able to have a way to see just where your focus has been each day and week. 

And the third is that our lives and work revolve around worship, and many of us are responsible for leading worship in one form or another on a weekly basis. Even if we aren't preaching weekly, it's generally a good practice to take time to reflect on the scripture for the week (I use the revised common lectionary). 

I've long been looking for a planner that had a space for all of this and finally decided just to make it. I tailored this planner to my needs in ministry, and think that maybe it might be helpful for you. 

I made it so that you can print it, or have it printed, and have it bound whatever way works best for you. Look for a blog post in coming days about different ideas for binding, including what I chose to do. 

Interested? Check out my brand new store(!) to purchase. And be sure to let me know what you think!

 Cover page for the first (rough) quarter of the planner

Cover page for the first (rough) quarter of the planner

Backpack Blessing Tags

Designed as a reminder tag to go on backpacks brought to a Backpack Blessing at a church as we kick off the school year. 

The hole guide is designed for a standard 1/4" hole punch, and is perfect for adding a lanyard hook to clip onto the backpack. 

I printed these on cardstock and laminated the individual cards for increased durability. 

This file is free to download and use, but I just ask that you a) let people know where you got it and b) not sell it. 


Year C 2015-2016 Year Long Planning Calendar

This wall calendar was designed with planning for worship, series, events, and programs in the life of the church over the course of a liturgical year. 

The downloadable .pdf file is formatted to print at 24"x36". I ordered my print through OfficeMax/Depot, which was $20 for 24lb paper or $25 for 55lb paper. I chose 55lb for it's durability.

This file is free to download and use, but I just ask that you a) let people know where you got it and b) not sell it.