Last summer, I signed up for a limited run of a subscription box from one of my favorite online retailers. In one of the boxes, I got this pink aluminum cup, with a unicorn emblazoned on it. One of the first nights that I had it, I poured a beverage into the cup, and took a selfie with it. It wasn’t a classic selfie, with good lighting or perfect makeup. In fact, other than a green metallic lipstick, I’m pretty sure that I’m not wearing any. My hair was pulled back under a headband of sorts. But I loved the picture and the contrast in it and pretty much everything about it. I shared it to my instagram feed with the statement: I am a #goshdarnunicornprincess.

Since then, this idea of claiming the status of #goshdarnunicornprincess has stuck with me. I’m not cutesy. I’m not overly feminine. I don’t wear pink or decorate with rainbows. I’m not 12. 

But I’m a #goshdarnunicornprincess.

Why? Because I am unabashedly me. I love the things and the people that I love without apology. I try to be strong and brave and to stand up for what is right and good and just and true. I strive to not worry about the expectations of the world, but seek to build my own expectations and to live into them. I love beautiful things and dark things and pretty things and creepy things. I’m not perfect, nor do I want to be. I wear all black and sometimes even wear black lipstick, and yet I would carry a tiny pink heart purse if I could fit everything I need to in it. I want to create and put wonderful things and ideas into the world.

I am a #goshdarnunicornprincess.

This year, I will turn 40. Instead of regretting or lamenting, I yearn to make it a great year, one to be celebrated.

I yearn to make my life a great life, one to be celebrated.


And so I’m claiming this as my #goshdarnunicornprincess year. 

And so, this year, I vow 

  • To set time aside to write and create
  • To share what I write and create on a regular basis
  • To set time aside to read and to wonder
  • To use that time to live into my dream of creating something consumable, be it a book or a podcast (or both)
  • To take bold and brave steps in my profession, trying new things and not being afraid to experiment 
  • To continue to love and to laugh and to protect those that I love with every breath
  • To live boldly and fully as the #goshdarnunicornprincess that I know that I am.

I’m excited for the year ahead. Let’s see where this road takes us, shall we?